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Art Info Reference Sticky

Postby laneg » Sat May 05, 2012 8:08 am

Here's the key information for art assets:

screen size: 320x180 pixels
frame rate: 20 fps (each frame is 0.05 seconds)

autotiles: 16x16 pixel grid, 4x4 spritesheet
make sure the secondary layer of tilesets matches up with the 16x16 tile grid, if it is drawn over the ground, etc.
"floor" tiles can have slopes up to 45 degrees. This means only move one pixel up at a time.

backgrounds: full map is 1600x800 pixels (100x50 tiles of 16x16 pixels)
backgrounds can be any size between 320x180 pixels (doesn't move at all - furthest away) and 1600x800 pixels (moves flat with the tileset - closest)

lune: 32x32 pixel frame, any size spritesheet (can enlarge frames if necessary)
collision is a 12x28 pixel rectangle
lune is split into two spritesheets:
    - the torso spritesheet (waist up), animated according to attacks. All weapons should go in a single spritesheet.
      - Each weapon needs these animations: aim up, aim down, aim forward (aim animations are a single frame), and attack up, attack down, attack forward (can be any number of frames).
      - Five types of weapon: hand/thrown (aim animations just look up/down/straight), staff (no attack animations), sword (both anim types), bow, and spear.
      - Close-combat weapons should attack at least 32 pixels away from the player collision rect.
    - the legs spritesheet (waist down), animated according to movement. If animation is special, full frame is drawn here and the torso is hidden (and player cannot attack).
      - attacks should never delay movement. movement should delay attacks.
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